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Art Sozo

Image by Anna Kolosyuk
Image by Jené Stephaniuk
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Art Sozo

At Adore Church we are always passionate about helping people on their journey towards wholeness. Jesus came to give us life and life to the full (John 10:10) It’s our desire for people to have life-transforming experiences that help them know more of God’s love and enable them to live life to the full, in health, relationship with God and with one another. As part of this  vision, we provide Art Sozo Workshops and are affiliated with Bethel Art Sozo UK.

What is Art Sozo?

Art Sozo is a unique take on the Sozo process, blending traditional Sozo inner-healing tools with the freedom of art to connect with God and heal wounds and lies.

Art sozo enable you to connect your emotions to the heart of God and allow His healing to take place. The activity of painting helps to bypass roadblocks and allow god's truth to shine through on canvas and speak deeply into hearts. No artist experience is necessary to enjoy Art Sozo. 

An Art Sozo Workshop

A Workshop session runs for 3 hours and are conducted in a group of six with two or three Sozo team members, who will, using Sozo tools and with help of the Holy Spirit, walk you through the process. 

“Art Sozo is such a unique ministry and it is so unlocking, especially for me as a man! I'd recommend it to everyone!”


During a Sozo session you will:

Through the Art Sozo Workshop you will experience a unique art encounter with God using Sozo Inner Healing tools by releasing creativity, connecting with your emotions and the heart of God using paint. 

You do not need any art experience at all to take part in this, just a willing heart! 

Once your session is over you will have three paintings to take away with you containing the Truth that God has revealed to you specifically! 

To book into a session click 'Book Art Sozo' in the tool bar to the right of this page! 

If you are interested in attending an Art Sozo workshop please register your interest now.

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